whisky on a monday night

well i’m not proud to fill this third glass

i know it’s plain old comfort drinking

she was always perfectly clear

but now there’s simply no room for doubt

and this dark admits no light

whisky on a monday night

and so i walk this crowded little town

where it’s not hard to find somebody

watch the screens, believe the lies, and get it on

if i can’t have her, i must have someone

so ride, sally, ride

only bring my whisky on a monday night

maybe i’d hate her if i knew her more

maybe i’d find some flaw that bugged me

maybe i only want what i can’t have

maybe she and i’d have been no fun

yeah and maybe i’m the clim clam queen of sheba

drinking king solomon’s whisky on a monday night

and so i’ll say that i’m happy for her

go home and write another love song

only a song – yes, i’ve said this all before

the one thing i can do does nothing

nothing at all. and, as for happy,

only count the whiskies on a monday night

written by tom yates 23 july 2007

tom yates - vocal, guitar, bass, hammond organ, cello, drums