the bluebird

johnny was a bum at twenty-five

lazing by the palace pier

he took another swig of whisky

and whispered in my ear

he said: 'tonight's the night

at least, that's the word

better lie low

and watch out for the bluebird'

i walked by the old pavilion

where the bank van had broken down

the guard said 'do you know a repair man?'

but i was new in town

i went home - it was quiet

no, nothing stirred

i thought: 'johnny knows something

and who is this bluebird?'

well kitty didn't care for lowlife

she was sitting in the bar of the grand

but where was he, her client mr v?

the night wasn't going how she'd planned

she ordered a martini

it was already her third

she was lapping up the drink

thinking about the bluebird

bluebird sees but is never seen

bluebird flies on a moonbeam

your old religions of seagulls and pigeons

are voodoo to the bluebird

mr v was a sugar tycoon

with a girl in every port

he knew all the tricks for getting his kicks

and what he couldn't win he bought

he'd just made a million

the money was being transferred

it was down in the van

which no one knew but the bluebird

kitty left the bar at midnight

alone but she didn't care

she remembered mr v had warned her

there could be danger in the air

kitty didn't know

to what this had referred

but she wondered now

could it be the bluebird?

in the water below the west pier

the bodies were hard to ignore

the kids on the beach took one leg each

and dragged v and the guard ashore

johnny came running

his speech was slurred

but he was yelling at the kids

something about a bluebird

bluebird sees but is never seen…

well they buried mr v on sunday

kitty was dressed in black

attending too were some boys in blue

yeah that sugar was crack

kitty looked up

as the body was being interred

'cause all her hopes now

rested on the back of the bluebird

well it's hot on a summer evening

and everyone got somewhere to go

so no one really saw the tow-truck

it was pulling the van nice and slow

and no one saw the driver

but i have heard

that the tune he was whistling

sounded like a bluebird

well kitty once had had a boyfriend

before she led a life of sin

and he'd promised he'd come and save her

one day, when his ship came in

and now she heard his whistle

she practically purred

ten years on

kitty would catch her bluebird

bluebird sees but is never seen

written by tom yates 25 may 2002

tom yates - vocal, bass, guitars, piano, hammond organ, snaps and claps