thanks to you

i’ve been down and dusted, found out and busted

who could have trusted me those days?

a lost soul, a sinner: loser more than winner

i moved within a foolish haze

and i have prayed 'o lord, forgive me'

though i knew no god could hold me in his sight

but i'm all right, thanks to you

now i did seek trouble, and was repaid in double:

fill it blind and that cup'll overrun

my will was broken, in endless night unspoken

till i awoke and saw the sun

and i have prayed 'o lord, preserve me'

as i lost control of my body and my brain

but i am sane, thanks to you

you had the love to reassure me

when i had nothing good to give

when i could see no future for me

you let me live, you let me live

now all is clearer, i can look myself in the mirror

and i live to steer another road

though the dark was frightening, now skies are brightening

and i feel the daily lightening of my load

and i have prayed 'o lord, you save me'

but my saviour's here: she's with me here on earth

for what they're worth, my thanks to you

written by tom yates 19 march 2003

tom yates – vocal, guitar, cellos, piano