save your tears

save your tears for hollywood

baby, i've finally understood

i see how you easily deceive me

how you please the crowd

save your tears, i've seen enough

if you can turn 'em on, you can turn 'em off

no one fell so hard

no one fell so in love

there's only me in the front row

to see the heart on your sleeve's a fake

pilgrims behind are praying at your shrine

and that's just fine where they're placed, but don't waste

your tears, they're gold in hollywood

your soul is dead, but your acting's good

you ain't sad, so enjoy the cheers

and baby, save your tears

pulling every string

you take people in

i know i've been just like the rest

strange power of yours

it's got to open doors

you'll always get your way

babe, you're made till the grave, but save

your tears - they yearn for hollywood

i'd send you there if only i could

it's all done with mirrors, paints and veneers

baby, save your tears

written by tom yates 21 march 1999

tom yates - lead vocal, piano, cellos