save me from myself

your face is too familiar - what is that in your eyes?

perhaps you fear some demon, or dream of paradise

how can i feel your movements? when did i read your books?

i dare not see your face now in case i find it looks like mine

there's something wrong - i am not strong - help me this time

'cause i can deal with the slings and arrows

i know that fools never understand

and i'll survive when my palace crumbles

(what do you want when you build in sand?)

i'll take on anything they throw me, only

save me from myself

save me from myself

save me from myself

let me go back to childhood - must find some innocence

my mind keeps whirling, turning, burning, hurting, never ends

i know that roses are dead; i know that violence is true;

i know that sugar rots my brain; god knows what i will do for love

there's something wrong that i must be strong to rise above

yes i can deal with the slings and arrows...

so what are these voices that i hear screaming out to me?

i cannot breathe, i can not speak, they are so loud to me

is this my destiny, my fate, or can i choose?

will i forever hear the blues?

o doctor won’t you help me rebuild my self esteem

there must be drugs to free me from my recurring dream

my hooded friend comes calling; outside the church bell tolls

he smiles a diamond silence, and in his hand he holds a scythe

there's something wrong - i must be strong to stay alive

oh i can deal with the slings and arrows...

written by tom yates 21 january 2002

tom yates - lead vocal, piano, hammond organ, guitar, tambourine
steve parker - bass, guitar, harmonica
rob kenny - drums