nowhere now

there was a man who worked all day

obeyed the rules and banked his pay

he was a good man

he did what he had to do

he loved his boy, he loved his wife

he had no place for strangers in his life

it's not a fair world

but he knew how it worked for him

and then came the kids, drunk and unruly

talking about some fairytale land of their dreams

wearing rags, making noise

they threw away the world for so-called freedom

oh, but they were everywhere

and the man was tough, and he bought them out

and he took their youth, and he sold it big and loud

'i guess we won, men,' he said, taking his bow,

'but we're nowhere now'

there was a kid who liked to play

he had a kind and gentle way

he was a good kid

happy in his wonderland

he grew to care about what he saw

about black and white, about rich and poor

it's not a fair world,

but he knew he could help it change

and then came the man, sober and serious

talking about the real world, how cleverly he spoke

running rings around the kid

who signed away his soul for fame and fortune

oh, it was a foreign world to him

he said 'this is brash, and this is cruel

i should have known, but i was a fool

i'd take us back, friends, but i don't know how

and we're nowhere now'

written by tom yates 13 april 2003
tom yates – vocal, guitar, piano, cellos, bass