let it go

they say you glimpse life’s hidden track

when you pretend you’re at the end looking back

in a finger snap, we come and go

the steps we made gently fade on the melting snow

and can you let it go, your years-old rage?

when all the joys are out beyond that cage

let it go - the word is yours to give

let it go, if you want to live

the ways we fail face you like a wall

still we need to ride by your side or alone you fall

if you hide your pain and keep it in your heart

it’ll warm you there, until it tears you apart

so can you let it go…

the darkness we know, deep as the night,

will pull you in unless you cling to the candle’s light

it flickers faint, it is hard to see

but we are lost - we have to trust it’s all we need

and can you let it go…

written by tom yates 31 october 2011

tom yates - vocal
lloyd hanson - bass
raymond manson - backing vocals
roland xavier v - drums