it’s a wonderful life

when, in a world where no one thinks to guide you

sore to your bones as winter claims the night

one weary sigh, one lonely tear

are all you find within you, and more than man will hear

then you believe the days you were a dreamer

held nothing more than fairy tales and lies

muster your will, what faith you can find

but all ahead is darkness, and no one calls behind

turn round, and dry your eyes

hundreds here will pray you come through

and recognize what brings our very daylight is you

oh it’s a wonderful life, if only you knew

when, all alone, you face your disappointments

feel like a fool who never has come good

and when you fear you’re starting to slide

the long descent to bitterness, such an easy ride

then you believe the days you were a hero

held little more than some old childish games

look up to the skies and beg for a sign

but nothing you imagine will ease your troubled mind

turn round...

everyone expects you to be happy

deck the halls and glow with festive cheer

everyone believes you’re there to lead them

now more than any time of year

as, yet again, your train leaves town without you

and the mean and the cruel grow stronger by the hour

you’ve nowhere to turn on this big red-letter day

and your lead role in a cage appears a price too high to pay

yes, you may feel we’d all go on without you

stare into the void, and wish your life away

so hard to think clear, so easy to fall

but what you stand to lose is just the greatest gift of all

so turn round...

(merry christmas)

buffalo gals won’t you come out tonight

come out tonight, come out tonight?

buffalo gals won’t you come out tonight

and dance by the light of the moon?

written by tom yates 25 december 2006

tom yates - vocals, piano, bass, cellos, drums