heaven’s here

show me my love your shattered pearls

let me not hold them - it's a right i must earn

but see how the sunlight dances in the cracks

there is no jewel i'd value half as high as that

show me my love your reddened eyes

let me not kiss them if it wouldn't feel right

but see how your tears well softer than the dew

what brings more joy to me than that tenderness in you?

and heaven's here if you dare to trust it

and heaven's here if you care to see

and heaven's right in front of you

heaven's here, if you only knew

tell me my love your hidden fears

the ghosts in the darkness, the murmurs you hear

and see how the sunlight blows them all away

see how they're silenced by the music we play

'cause heaven's here...

i know no sorcery, can pull no trick

there's no magic charm that i conceal

and all i offer you is all i own:

that is the love that i feel

give me my love just a minute's thought

i'm not above heartache, i'm not without hurt

i'm nobody's hero but anybody's friend

and i believe that love begins where masquerade ends

and heaven's here...

written by tom yates 10 august 2001

tom yates - lead vocal, cellos, guitars
steve parker - guitars