guitar louis

they call him guitar louis, and he’ll play you

anything you can name

he’ll have you murmuring and cooing, or enrage you

give you pleasure or pain

and you may think you’re not a fool for a melody

but every song, every symphony is his tool

he will take it, make it work magic on your soul

oh, when louis plays the world sways

and the music wows the room

with just a simple chord up on the fingerboard

he’s sending something new around the room

so drink it in; the six-string never really sang

until you came along, oh louis you’re the guitar man

now louis lives on the river, on a sailboat

and you can say he’s a bum

but when you hear him deliver his payload

you’ll be the supplicant one

and you may think you’re not a fool for a jumping beat

but with a strum he has you on your feet, and every rule

is getting broken, oh, can you deny you feel the sun shining?

when louis plays…

written by tom yates 6 february 2012

tom yates - vocal, guitars
lloyd hanson - bass
roland xavier - drums