free me

well i look around the old town - where else can i go?

the dark clouds gather round - they know i'm just looking for you

i get the same come-at-me looks, i hear the same old lies

yes, i should've believed them when they said hello agains are worse than goodbyes

i hate this wait between heaven and hell

i gotta pay a trip to one of them - let me know, you might as well

'cause i can run as if i'm flying down streets i always knew

but i'm a jailbird until i've heard your verdict, 'cause only you can

free me; i'm shouting out your name,

i'm drowning in the rain

oh, i'm pounding on your door

ain't waiting any more - free me

well i don't want any plastics, don't want any ground floors

but i'm so confused it's just no use to fight it any more

so when the scurvy little spider offers me a job

i rush to sign the dotted line - i'm on his web and i won't get off

it's a crime how time plays its tricks on me

it's too late to contemplate evading fate, you see

'cause i'm bound to you forever by a curse i cannot fight,

and only you can break it, for wrong or for right

free me; i'm shouting out your name...

i never knew the rain could weigh so heavy

i never knew air get so thin

sometimes it's good to know nothing

but right now i need to know everything

well i return to the city - what else can i do?

here ends yet again a pilgrimage to you

and now i'm covered up with voices, more than i can count,

they're telling me how to be: it's too much, it's too loud

i feel unreal - it's all i can do to breathe

i don't understand what anyone's saying and i don't know who to believe

well please don't make me go on like this - i'm heading to lose my mind

you know what my problem is; you could treat me kind, and set me

free; i'm shouting out your name...

written by tom yates 1 june 1999

tom yates - lead vocal, piano, hammond organ, guitars, tambourine
steve parker - bass, guitar solo
rob kenny – drums