i found a piece of what gave me pain

cut it out and breathed again

but every gift brings a payback

the road i walked, that carried me

is lined with doors i could not see

i see them now, but no way back

cry if you want to, scream if it helps you

rail at the stars in the sky

cling to the sand that falls through your hands

but only birds fly

i held you in your broken year

imprisoned by hurt and fear

when you’ve known a hell it’s hard to shake it

i longed to pay the maiden’s price

lead you out, avert my eyes

our will was strong, but she did break it

cry if you want to…

i lay with you in fields

where the mind soars and the body yields

and every base within was boldly taken

as old songs sound blank to me

the memories turn to fantasy

the fires that burned are forsaken

cry if you want to…

they say the blackest hour of night

is followed by the morning’s light

and so from our fall we rise unbidden

if at the end of this losers’ race

somehow i go with grace

i only pray to be forgiven

cry if you want to…

written by tom yates 14 february 2012

tom yates - vocal, guitar, piano, cello
lloyd hanson - bass
roland xavier v - drums