far from the new york moon

empty street in the dead of night

a shadow turns in the yellow light

there’s nothing wrong, but you don’t feel right

far from the new york moon

there’s no one out, there’s no one here

even the drunks have disappeared

and down your cheek rolls an unseen tear

far from the new york moon

you’re making your way in a dead-end town

a slow cortège to nowhere

it’s a losing game, and we’re all brought down

but you’re the only one that seems to care

well you’ve no need to hide, no need to run

like the old clown’s bird you’ll keep on keeping on

but in your heart is a sad, sad song

far from the new york moon

the wind blows cold and a night bird wails

you feel as old as moses

a hundred more tries and a hundred fails

and no one will even notice

well the con edison steam could be on saturn tonight

and the subway screech, yes, and the broadway lights

a choir of ghosts sings: welcome to your life

far from the new york moon

written by tom yates 18 november 2011

tom yates - vocal, piano
lloyd hanson - bass, electric guitar