steel days and glass nights

shadowed streets where fools fight

screen dreams of american scenes will fade

hard drinks that drown ice

gutter swill and plague mice

lift your eyes to the concrete skies of the town

‘cause we are building dystopia

we are building dystopia

we are building dystopia

and all we can do is dance

proud pipes meet cruel lines

electric air holds live wires

no trace of a human face on the wall

dollars roll and yen climb

buy oil and sell time

hear the planes and the cars and trains hum a dirge

and we are building dystopia…

how well we’re learning

there’ll be no returning

we’ve strayed too far from eden’s gates

there’s nothing to see here

no, no one to be here

just watch the neon pulsate

straight towers that soar proud

it’s a man’s world, don’t mess about

glory days for the corporate way so rejoice

for we are building dystopia…

written by tom yates 6 january 2007

tom yates - vocals, guitars, piano, hammond organ, bass, drums, tambourine