do the max

some men take it easy

they got time on their hands

some are downright lazy

like you wouldn’t understand

‘cause with it all still to prove

you’re a man on the move

running or falling in love

you play it tough

you could relax

no, you do the max

they say no man can be an island

and live in a world of his own

they say the sound of silence

is the sound of purest gold

yes, you could ride with the crowd

speak soft, never loud

leave the world as it was when you came

it’s an easy game

and you’d leave no tracks

no, you do the max

born to the city life

of a hard knife

you’ll be blazing a trail through the night sky

and i’ll be watching you fly

as you take on the rules, you take on the fools, you take on the world

and no man could hold you down

yes, you’ll drink in the air

and forget that smoky town

and as you soar above

think of my love

may it carry you strong and free

you could stay with me

in my chains and rags

no, you do the max

written by tom yates (after fauré) 6 september 2011

tom yates - vocal, guitar, piano
lloyd hanson - bass
roland xavier v - drums