days of blue

under a sunday comedown

raised by the sundaylight

hear up a song you know, everybody feel all right

little believer, every love live in your eyes

so good to see you, such a sweet surprise

days of sun, days of wine, days of blue

when this old world, solid gold, feels brand new

find a tune, play it loud, sing it wild and clear

keep those days, love those days, days of blue

play with the coo-coo children

bringing it all back to you

kid say the word is good, everybody sing hallelujah

little believer, you can fly like the spinning spring

take to the town now, we got bells to ring

days of sun...

and it would break my heart to see you crying

and it would break my heart to see you lose

but if your eyes find mine on our mile-high climb

then your smile will be my sign you will come through

i'll know it's true

high in the hundred heavens

skywhite is everywhere

sway in the sea of light, everybody say yeah yeah

little believer, how you love everybody alive

why would i wonder why the world survives?

days of sun...

written by tom yates 10 september 2001

tom yates - lead vocal, piano, organ, guitar, backing & solo vocals, tambourine, percussion

steve parker - bass

rob kenny - drums