clockwise they point the way

onwards to a modern day

seers of enlightened times

to shame the world behind

and in our innocence we follow where they lead

whose intent is pure as snow

and as we cherish our illusion of satisfying speed

counterclockwise we go

decades of pledges made

of peace and equal trade

by sovereign, diplomatist and priest

to suez and all points east

and all the history in the groves of academe

must fail to prick our pride

when of that modest utopia we still profess to dream

as counterclockwise we slide

each day of progress announces

another bomb, another shell

the more we listen for heaven's angel choir

the closer are we to hell

how can jerusalem forgive

the empires that made her live?

still once, but now forever more

haunted, if not at war

and what created that ‘army of the dead’

that holds the city under siege

but three religions, battalions whose leaders could be led

counterclockwise to preach?

written by tom yates 14 february 2003

tom yates – vocal, guitars, cellos, piano, bass