well, there’s been a cold wind blowing and it bore the tune

of every one of my mistakes

i’m trying to turn back off a one-way track

to the lonesome death of tom yates

now you and i, we never worked so well

but second time around

we set a better feel, a new deal

feet on the ground

and we are free – i don’t wanna chain you

say you love me, but don’t pretend you’re mine

and when i fail, how could i blame you?

i’m a fool without you, a fool to doubt you, caroline

well, by the word of the lord were the heavens made

and all his works in truth

but the devil’s den, it calls out to men

‘long a road that’s oily smooth

now i’d like to think that my will is strong

and i’d never stray

but take my hand – it’s a troubled land

and a man could lose his way

but let’s stay free

well, from the old grey towers to the palace pier

from l.a. to paris and berlin

i’ve loved and lost, paid the cost

now i’m reeling it all in

and i’ve seen too many hearts bestowed

and carelessly returned

but now with you i’ve a better view

and if there’s anything i’ve learned

it’s to be free…

written by tom yates 24 july 2006

tom yates - vocal, guitars, hammond organ, bass, drums, tambourine