bye-bye to sleepytown

slow day, sitting at the corner like a wag on a cobbled wall

all i see is bums like me with nothing to do at all

fat fred, burger and bread - he's trying to stuff 'em inside his face

but the mot juste is soon produced to put him back in his place

sick of it all, i make a plan i call

‘bye-bye to sleepytown’

yes, too long the same old song has been repeating inside my head

and if i stay just one more day i do believe i'm gonna wake up dead

this place disgraces the universe

i don't belong here - there's too much wrong here, and i can see it getting worse

i've done what i could to try to make it good,

but no dice, so bye-bye to sleepytown

well give me the towers climbing high in the sky

the biggest wigs and the brightest lights

give me one never-ending night of joy

oh let it be real, let me stay alive

give me the wheel and just let me drive

you won't believe how much i need to get away

amen to the prayer - you hear it everywhere, it says 'peace to men on earth'

but i'm sick of quiet - i wanna riot – give me what i deserve

no way can i stay in this sinking sand

if i acts oblivious to pax hominibus, you can understand

the more that it clings, the more i gotta get wings

to fly, so bye-bye to sleepytown

well give me the power, give me the glory

cue the hollywood end to the story

never say never, no never say die

oh let me believe in my favourite dream

without a reprieve i will holler and scream

blue murder - murder! - like you never heard a cry

i live for the day i give it all away and hit the road like i know i should

and if you follow me you know you're gonna see me turn life into something good

i lose my blues in a flash of light

when i see the old stuff turn to gold stuff - it's alchemy all right

but gold or blue, this is the time to do

or die, so bye-bye to sleepytown

written by tom yates 16 september 2002

tom yates – vocal, guitars, bass
rob kenny - drums