angel in a shopping mall

i met an angel in a shopping mall

he said "i’m just passing through

been buying some stuff for the guy above

and my boy i need a word with you"

i said "i don’t wanna be rude, my friend

but i ain’t as dumb as you think"

he gave me his card, the name was mozart

i said "hold on, i think we need a drink"

and he said "i been dancing with elvis"

and he said "i love that rock 'n' roll"

he said "it’s hell that's square, man, it’s swinging up there

and by the way, i think you lost your soul

yeah i been singing with buddy holly

i been jazzing with tatum too

you know he sure has a fine way of playing the steinway

he’s dead and he’s more alive than you. ooh..."

now amadeus took a seat in burger king

he said "this place is heaven on earth"

he said "you know it shows you i'm sick of ambrosia

guess presley got his money's worth"

and i asked him some more about that soul of mine

he said "you don't need me to explain"

he said "it couldn’t be clearer, just look in the mirror

you won’t believe what you have to gain"

and he said...

i said "supposing you're right my friend

tell me, what exactly should i do?"

he said "i really must fly, it’s been good but goodbye"

and sure enough away he flew

well i ran inside the men's room there

to use the mirror on the wall

and just for a minute i swear as i looked in it

i couldn't see my face at all

and i wonder: who was that angel

who said he loved that rock 'n' roll?

he could be any old guy, but the look in his eye

made me fear for my immortal soul

and i thought the devil had all the best tunes

i thought he danced in eternal fire

but now i’m figuring it's possible if you wanna hear gospel

you'd better check out that heavenly choir

now when i'm hounded, down and doubting

and i find my back's against the wall

you know i look up there, and i say a little prayer

to an angel in a shopping mall. ooh...

written by tom yates 21 january 2001

tom yates - lead vocal, piano, organ, backing vocals, tambourine
steve parker - bass, drums, electric guitar
grant gordon - acoustic guitar