a little bit more canadian

stale old country in shades of grey

holding like a baby to nanny yesterday

bowing to the princes, dames and knights

wasn’t it great when god was on our side?

mighty pink palace - bang on the door

better to pay the tax man than give a penny to the poor

we live in ignorance, live in sin

we turn away when the kids run in

but when freedom sang out in the shade of old elm trees

my small-town dream

the song that i heard put a question to me:

could you be a little bit more canadian?

a dozen fine avenues, the baron’s clock turns

french walls keep you out, the prettiest in the world

the portière closes, gets you every time

it’s like nothing happened here in 1789

south over mountains, following the girls

‘cause all is for the best in the best of all worlds

towers of concrete face the azure sea

douce france - ils ont pavé le paradis

but when freedom sang out…

mustang driving, US of A

heading through mojave from california

eight in a V-line, lid down behind

piece in the jockey box to ease your mind

and i see a poor man, with a rusty can of dreams

some days the american way’s not what it seems

and i see a rich man sing hail to the chief

and i see the guard dogs, the flowers and the grief

but when freedom sang out…

written by tom yates 13 september 2011

tom yates - vocal, acoustic guitar, keyboard, tambourine
lloyd hanson - electric guitar, bass
roland xavier v - drums